39 Easy Ways to Secure Freelance Writing Jobs in 2023

There’re plenty of freelance writing jobs you can secure online and make a living out of it, whether you’re a seasoned writer or a newbie writer with zero experience. This article first explains what freelancing means and the skills you’ll need to succeed. Then, it presents the easiest ways to hunt for content writing gigs, including a list of websites that hire writers daily.

If you’re a beginner, you probably could be wondering what freelance writing is or how it works. And if that is the case, freelance writing, in simple terms, means a practice where clients outsource writing work on a temporary or contract basis instead of employing full-time authors.

Therefore, a freelance writer can produce whatever written text the client needs, either working from home or in a rented office. You can opt to be an academic content writer, technical writer, business writer, institutional writer, ghostwriter, or website or blog writing expert.

Alternatively, you can write your stuff, like blogs and eBooks, or start a website for your business and promote your services online (we’ll come to this later on). Check out how to write and earn as little as USD 1000 per month as a freelance writer or college student in this guide:

Before I show you different ways to secure content writing gigs or jobs as a freelancer or a student, let’s explore what you need to get started. Then we can get into the details, okay?

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Getting Ready for Freelance Writing Jobs

Questions like what one needs to start with content writing as a beginner, websites to find work, or why most copywriters fail are all over the web. So, before I show you how to hunt for work, here’s a list of 10 things you need to do to increase your chances of securing jobs.

  1. Find a niche: One reason many copywriters fail is focusing on a very broad niche, a competitive one, or one that does not have the potential to make money. So I want you to pick a particular type of writing, like blogging, and a niche, like digital marketing or finance.
  2. Create a portfolio: Most clients don’t want you to describe your writing skills but to prove them. And the best way is to create a portfolio, a blog, or a website, displaying your professional skills, creativity, experience, and qualifications to potential clients.
  3. Keep your samples ready: You should always keep your writing samples ready and accessible on your portfolio. But I want you to be careful not to publish previous clients’ work without their consent. Such an act is unethical and can get you into legal problems.
  4. Get copywriting training: Advancing your skills will help you write better copies and increase your productivity and opportunities. And you can enrol for a content writing course or find an online or in-person trainer. Good training also boosts your confidence.
  5. Write an awesome bio: Your bio, or ‘about’ section in the case of a website, is often the first thing your client will see. So, learning how to write an excellent author bio is not an option to succeed as a freelancer. Remember to include your achievements and goals.
  6. Learn pitching basics: Having a portfolio or samples isn’t enough; your potential customers must see them for you to get work. Pitch yourself everywhere, like on social media and the websites listed in the subsequent sections. Your pitching messages should be short and not short (enough), contains samples or links, be relevant and be well-proofread.
  7. Ask clients for testimonials: Getting customer testimonials is extremely important for any business. First, because you get to understand your client’s satisfaction level, and second, the reviews provide insights to prospective customers who look online before assigning gigs.
  8. The legal side of freelancing: While working as a freelancer, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the legal side of freelancing. Your contract terms and conditions, and related policies, should protect you legally from your clients. And, of course, you have to pay taxes.
  9. Market your Services: Now that you understand what writing services you’ll be offering to which types of clients, you still have to market your skills online to secure jobs. And you can do so by getting SEO traffic to your website, social media, or content marketing.
  10. Keep learning: One reason freelancers don’t make enough money or actualize their dreams is fear of failure and overthinking. You can overcome such by stopping procrastination and understanding that freelancing is a continuous learning process. But you’ll need to test different concepts or strategies to find which works for you and which doesn’t.

Best Ways to Get Content Writing Jobs

There are paid and free unlimited ways you can get freelance writing jobs. In this section, let’s explore nine of the best free ones. So, you can choose one approach or combine a few of them. The bottom line, these are some of the unique ways you can be sure to get work online:

11. Start a Writing Agency

There’s no better website or place to get freelance writing jobs than a platform you own or are part of, like a blog or writing agency. Not even freelance marketplaces like Fiverr. Because you get to work on your terms, earn all the commissions, and have much control.

And starting a blog or writing a website doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. You can start a blog for free, get reliable hosting for $2.59/month, and launch your site. Then you can write some fantastic blog articles in your niche while marketing your services.

Check how to write a blog that will bring you more visitors that you can turn into clients.

12. Start Cold Pitching

Another way you can run into your next content writing deal is through cold pitching. And if you’re unfamiliar with the term, cold pitching means sending targeted emails to strangers explaining how you have solutions to their needs. Mark the words targeted and solutions.

Let’s say you offer blog writing services and you’re actively looking for clients. In that case, you can find a site that doesn’t have an active blog and offer to write an excellent content for them. Then, you can include a link to your portfolio or samples to prove your qualification.

You can automate your email campaigns and follow-ups using a bulk email sender.

13. Start Warm Pitching

Warm pitching uses the same approach as cold pinching. The only difference is that the former targets people you’ve interacted with, while the former focus on strangers. These can be your previous clients offering them an irresistible offer or your followers or friends on Twitter.

Since you’re engaging with people you have relationships with, warm pitching is much easier to land a freelance job than cold pitching. But still, you’ll need to share your samples or portfolio and be confident while approaching your potential clients. Of course, be respectful.

14. Exploit Q&A Sites

One of my favourite Q&A (question and answer) platforms is Quora and, sometimes, Reddit. You can use these platforms to market your writing services and direct visitors to your website. And you can answer the most followed questions or share links to your service.

You can locate writing gigs through the Search bar or by creating/joining related spaces.

How to find Freelance Writing Jobs on Quora

15. Offer Referal Deals

In freelancing or any other form of business, referrals work like crazy. But that only happens when you offer quality services or products to your clients to make them confident enough to refer you to their close ones. So, I want you to give people incentives (gifts) for every referral.

You can let them share unique codes or referral links in exchange for discounts or free services or products. Clients will be willing to bring you more customers when they’re assured of a certain reward. In the long run, you get more customers through ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing.

16. Say You’re For Hire

Have you said you’re available for hiring across all your social platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, or even your blog? Do your readers, followers, or even friends know you offer writing services? Let people know in your bios all over the web that you’re available for work.

My Linkedin profile reads I’m available to offer SEO and Content Marketing remotely.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to get freelance writing gigs

17. Use a Job Search Website

There’re many job search websites where companies seeking freelancers post writing opportunities. Take Bright Monday, for instance – they post permanent, temporary, part-time, or even contract-based job opportunities in Kenya. Make sure you check it out.

Then, you can make your application (or post your jobs for free) to get an opportunity to reach your potential clients or brands. Engage with the web to discover more sites that post jobs.

Brighter Monday shows you available jobs

18. Guest Post (For Free!)

Guest posting, a process of sharing content on other people’s platforms in exchange for mentions or backlinks, is a perfect and easy way to get your next freelance writing job. With this approach, you get exposure as more people read your content and visit your website.

But make sure you’re writing ‘guest’ posts on websites where your potential clients are likely to be found. You don’t want to write blogs and include your link to a digital marketing freelancing portfolio on a website that publishes content about dieting. Be as relevant as possible.

19. Approach Companies Hiring Writers

Again, many websites and individuals are looking for freelance writers for hire, not only in Kenya and the US but also globally. When I search for “companies that hire writers in the USA,” I found these 100 jobs, some available through Upwork and others through Linkedin.

100 Freelance Writing Jobs in USA

So, I want you to target a specific audience, search for companies actively looking for writers, and send your applications. Remember, there would be many applicants. So, prepare your skills, portfolio, samples, and resumes before engaging potential clients.

As you may have noticed, there are many high-paying freelance writing job opportunities, but only if you know where to pitch to clients. So I want you to exploit the web, find potential clients and send different targeted applications while filtering out scammers.

Freelance Writing Jobs on Social Media

Social media is still a powerful tool to get freelance writing jobs, despite many people using these platforms to scam people. Some even post non-existing jobs and then ask for job application fees. Yet, all is not lost; there’re still ways you can use social media to get jobs.

20. Don’t Ignore Facebook Groups

I’ve had some great success participating in freelance writing Facebook groups. And you can do so by joining some of the relevant groups in your niche and area and sharing creative content. Your goal should be to demonstrate authority on the field and not to spam with links.

Instead of just pasting your link to your portfolio, I want you to offer solutions to the participants and be an active member. You can join the groups as a business profile to create awareness around your brand. This approach differentiates you from ‘competitors’ in the group, as you’ll realize that those posting jobs are much less than those seeking writing opportunities.

Freelance Writing Jobs in Kenya on Facebook Groups

21. Twitter’s Advanced Search

Twitter is another social platform you can use to find freelance writing jobs. And you can use the advanced search option to target relevant posts in your niche for people looking for writers. Remember, you’ll need to create a professional profile and include your portfolio links.

22. Use Social Media Ads

Do you have a portfolio where people can check all your previous work and order your writing services? Great! Now, you can post awesome content on social media and share it with your audience to create awareness about your business offerings. You can do it for free.

Alternatively, you can post awesome targeted content in your niche and attract engagements. And then, create targeted ads (retargeting marketing), targeting those who have already engaged with your content. Your conversions and ROI will be higher if you adopt this approach.

23. Check LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs is an amazing platform where people seek different services and post jobs for free. At the same time, those seeking writing jobs can send their applications for free. I searched for a freelance writer job in Kenya and discovered web content writer and editor jobs.

Freelance Writing Jobs on LinkedIn

24. Content Marketing Pays

Facebook and Linkedin are the most popular sites freelancers seek writing opportunities, but they’re not the only ones. You can get jobs by sharing writing resources and tips through content marketing (videos, blogs, reals, images), helping you become a leader in your niche.

Market your services as you share authoritative content in your niche. Alongside your content, you can also share a case study or the story of a client you helped, with their permission. And you can use platforms like TikTok and Instagram for shorts and reels and YouTube for tutorials.

15 Best Websites for Freelance Jobs

Different websites post content writing jobs globally. Some regularly hire writers to outsource their writing gigs, meaning they act as middlemen. Others post job ads from companies seeking writers, and some, like Fiverr, act as marketplaces for freelancers.

Remember, I told you that the best freelance website is one you own. But to expand your opportunities, here’re 15 websites post freelance writing jobs daily, others hourly.

  1. Fiverr: If you have the right skills and can offer top-notch opportunities, Fiverr is one of the best platforms for finding freelance writing jobs. Clients are constantly looking for talented service providers on this platform, and well-skilled talents get these opportunities.
  2. Upwork: Like Fiverr, clients post many projects on Upwork seeking talented skills in broad aspects like digital marketing, academic writing, and web content writing. Just signup, build your profile and start pitching for jobs in this competitive yet promising platform.
  3. Freelancer.com: It’s the same story; you’ll need to create a profile and start pitching for writing jobs. So, with these freelancer marketplaces, competition has recently been extreme. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money as long as you’re patient and persistent.
  4. IWriter: If you want to “Earn Up To $80 Per 500 Words Once Promoted Up The Ranks”, then IWriter gat your back. Unfortunately, the company was not hiring writers when writing this post. But you can check if the application is open or ask when they’d be hiring next.
  5. Indeed: It is a job search website, like LinkedIn Jobs, where companies post for writing contracts, whether long-term or contractual. The website lists the jobs, expected salaries, job types, qualifications, and job descriptions. Check it out and send applications.
  6. Contently: The site helps you to get high-paying but demanding writing projects from top brands. As a freelancer on Contently, you’ll need to showcase your projects and professional expertise, pitch your ideas to brands, submit work and receive payment.
  7. Content Writing Jobs: The website posts freelance, part-time and full-time content writing jobs daily. So if you’re an experienced blog or content writer seeking writing opportunities to work from home and be self-employed, this is one platform you should consider.
  8. Glassdoor: This website is one of the most popular job boards where brands find service providers to outsource writing contracts. Sign up now, build a profile and start pitching. You’ll find job opportunities, salaries, reviews, and more details with a job seeker account.
  9. Behance Creative Job: Suppose you’re looking for an internship or You’re probably looking for an internship or freelance gig. In that case, Behance constantly posts job opportunities in diverse fields. For instance, you can discover web design, redesign, or content writing gigs.
  10. Freelance Writing Job Board: Established in 1997, Freelancewriting.com helps you find writing opportunities, like journalism, blogging, and copyrighting gigs, from clients globally.

Popular Job Boards for Freelancers

A job board is a website that allows employers to advertise job opportunities to job seekers. An employer can request service providers from a particular region or make the job available anywhere in the world. And job seekers can use the platforms to find opportunities.

In addition to seeking jobs on the above websites, the following are five popular job boards freelance writers can pitch for opportunities in their field;

  1. Careerjet – the best job search engine in Kenya to discover jobs in cities like Nairobi.
  2. FlexJobs – a reliable and genuine job board to get your next writing gig.
  3. ProBlogger – they don’t hire writers but offer a job board where you can find gigs.
  4. BloggingPro – a reliable platform to find writing gigs and learn about writing.
  5. MediaBistro – you can explore creative careers in copywriting and blogging.

As promised, we discussed 39 unique and easy ways to secure your next freelance writing job online. Some key terms you should pay attention to include niche, pitching, portfolio, samples, and professional profile. Please note that it takes hard work and patience to get jobs.

FAQs about Freelance Writing Jobs

Here’re some of the most frequently asked questions about content writing jobs.

How do I get into freelance writing?

There’re unlimited ways you can enter the freelance writing industry. For instance, after building your writing skills in a particular niche, you can start a blog or writing agency and find clients online, find companies that hire writers or use job boards like Glassdoor.

What exactly do freelance writers do?

Freelance writers are contracted for temporary or contract-based writing gigs instead of being offered employment by companies or individuals to work from home or rented space.

How do I start freelance writing with no experience?

You can start freelance writing without experience by creating a blog, building a portfolio with your skills and expertise, and then approaching local companies that hire writers. For instance, you can send email outreach to a local writing agency or magazine asking for a job.

How much should I charge for a 500-word article?

Generally, charging between $15 and $100 per 500-word article is reasonable for a beginner freelance writer. However, the rate depends on many factors, including the income level of your potential clients, how much they’re willing to pay, and your bargaining power.

Is copywriting still in demand in 2022?

Yes, it is very much in demand, and it’s not fading soon. However, due to easy entry, the market is somehow very competitive than before. But you can beat the competition by specializing in a particular niche and building authority through content marketing.

Can I make a living as a freelance writer?

Yes, you can make a living as a full-time or part-time freelance writer in Kenya or anywhere in the world. You can market your services online, start a blog like mine, and promote your services. Then you can get clients while still making money through ads.

What is the best website for writers?

Your blog or writing agency is the best website to work as a writer. But you can also find freelance work on Fiverr.com, Upwork.com, Freeelancer.com, and Indeed.com.


Freelance writing is one of the best jobs to do in the comfort of your home and make a good amount of money online. So, if you are interested in writing or are already a writer seeking writing opportunities, the time for procrastination and overthinking is over.

I want you to find a niche and select a particular content you want to write for money. For instance, you could offer blog writing services to technology and marketing websites. Specialising will help you build authority in your niche, find clients, and be more productive.

But it’s not that easy to be a freelance writer. You’ll need to advance your skills, pitch to clients everywhere continuously, and offer quality content to your customers. But the good thing is that all this is manageable, not forgetting the many dollars you can reap as a writer.

Your blog or website is the best platform to get sustainable freelance jobs and be independent. But other than that, I have shown you 38 more ways to get freelance writing jobs, regardless of where you live. So, tell me, of the 39 ways, which three will you start with?

What other website do you recommend for freelancers and why? Please let me know!

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