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Hey, I’m Aggrey. I’m determined to help people succeed online through digital marketing. I also intend to bridge the knowledge gap in marketing and help people make clean money online. Let’s grow together! 

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About Me

About Us offers digital marketing tips, training, and services – including link building, technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, affiliate, and content writing and marketing. If you’re struggling with creating or promoting your website or services online, you are in safe hands. We will guide you to select a domain name, host and launch your site, and write awesome content that satisfies the visitors’ search intent and is liked by search engines. Creat multiple income streams with me the right way. 

Our Mission – Encourage youths to become online entrepreneurs and engage in income-generating activities on the web through blogging, vlogging, and affiliate marketing. 

Our aim – to help individuals and businesses increase their brand awareness, organic traffic and sell more online through internet marketing.

What we do:
  • Help you create a website and host it
  • Boost your website ratings and awareness
  • Rank for more organic keywords easily 
  • Create and grow your YouTube channel

We intend to share content on making clean money online, especially though starting a blog or a Youtube Channel, and monetizing them. 

What we Offer

Edifid is a marketing agency and blog that help people to boost their online presence, organic traffic, and sell online.  Some of our services include: 

Start a Blog

The future is digital, and that's why you should promote your business or services online. We can help you find a niche to start a website in, choose a domain name, host and launch the site, and start selling online. You can monetize your blog as well.

Content Writing

Is content writing challenging for you? Let's help you find relevant keywords in your niche and train you to optimize content for search engine and intent. We'll also share with you some tools that can help you find and monitor your rankings.

Competitor Analysis

The best way to dominate the search engine is to study your competitors, examine their top keywords and pages, and implement them while correcting their mistakes. In doing so, you become a giant with time. Let's show you how to surpass your rivals.

Digital Marketing

Having written your content and studied your competitors, we can help you promote your website online through SEO. You should optimize your keywords, meta description, images, internal and external linking (create backlinks). Let's help!

Social Media Campaigns

Edifid shares resourceful materials on boosting your social presence, including growing and writing and marketing content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, e.t.c. You can also promote your business on our social platforms with ease.

Help & Support

Do you have any other areas regarding digital marketing and making money online that you need help with? Worry no more, contact us today for free. We will try and respond to you within the minimum time possible. Talk to us anytime, any day.

Digital Marketing Course

In addition to blogging, we also have a digital marketing channel where we share content on marketing, computer tactics, start a vlog or blog, and many other issues. Follow us for these and more videos. 

Digital Marketing Course

Follow me on YouTube for Digital Marketing Tutorials, Tricks and Ideas. 

Basic Compuer Tricks

Computer hacks – how to record your computer screeand ausio professionally, 

Increase you DA

Learn how to do a voice-over on PC for your faceless YouTube channel. 

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