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Blog ยป How to Create a New YouTube Channel the Easy Way

How to Create a New YouTube Channel the Easy Way

Starting a YouTube channel can help push your brand online by sharing resourceful videos. Not to mention that you can earn money along the way. That being said, let me explain to you how to create a YouTube channel from scratch and be self-employed.

But first, why use YouTube?

Well, it’s the second-largest search engine next to Google, which allows you to communicate with a wide range of audiences who are seeking information that you’re sharing.

More so, you don’t need a huge budget to get started.

I’ve seen many creators shart with their phones, especially since the company introduced YouTube Shorts.

Disclosure: This content is reader supported, which means if you click on some of our links, we may earn a commission, but the price on your end remains the same.

To get started on this amazing leading video sharing platform, this is what I want you to do:

1. Select a Niche and Channel Name

Before you create a new YouTube channel, I’d recommend you settle on a specific niche.

For instance, since our major is digital marketing, we opted to share videos on content creation, digital marketing, and how to make money online.

However, if you want to start a vlog (sharing your day-to-day activities), you probably wouldn’t need a specific niche. But let people identify you for something – like travel or lifestyle blogger.

After you’re sure which niche you want to focus on, check out this guide on 5 steps you can follow to find unique names for your channel.

Finding a unique name is important since your audience can hardly confuse you for someone else.

Now, our YouTube channel is called Edifid Digital, and no other channel on YouTube has this exact name.

So, telling people to find our channel on YouTube is a bit easier.

Your channel name can be:

  • Personal – I mean your name
  • Brand – like Edifid Digital
  • Description – Like Makeup by Aggrey
  • Purpose – Women’s Fitness Channel

Do you get the point?

2. How to Create a YouTube Channel

Now that you have your unique name, and know your area of interest (niche), it’s time to create a brand new YouTube channel now.

So, this is what I want you to do:

  • Head to and click the Sign In option in the right-hand corner.
  • Create a new Google account or login into an existing one (if you haven’t)
  • Then, click the profile image on YouTube and select create a channel
  • You can now name your channel and click Create Channel.

Remember, you can opt to create a personal brand channel or a business brand account.

And the difference between the two is that a personal brand is attached to your name or nickname. However, a business brand channel is distant from your name, and you can as well add managers or marketers to promote it.

If you have intentions of selling your brand in the future, or at least, bringing more people into the picture, I’d suggest you create a business brand YouTube channel.

3. Customize your New Channel

Your channel is ready, and you can now create and upload videos. But before I show you how to find keyword (content) ideas to create videos on, there are a few things we need to set up.

First, create a logo (profile picture) and channel banner image using Canva or any other website or mobile app. And then upload and publish them:

After you create a YouTube channel, set profile and banner image

Check out my tutorials on YouTube on how to create a logo and YouTube channel art.

Then add a YouTube channel description – make it brief.

Check out mine:

And then add some links such as links to the Facebook page, website, subscription link, Instagram page, and the likes. Not forgetting that you can include your location, like Kenya.

You can also set a custom Url as long as you have reached at least 100 subscribers on your channel.

4. Set YouTube Channel Upload Defaults

Did you know that you can set upload defaults for your YouTube channel?

For instance, set the title, and video visibility and include some affiliate links or social media links in your video description section.

Just click settings on YouTube Studio, and then head to upload defaults:

Additionally, on the advanced settings tab, you can set the video language and caption language to enable YouTube to automatically detect your video captions.

More so, you can select either a standard youtube license or creative commons attribution.

But that’s not all.

You can also enable or disable automatic chapters or opt to show or hide how many people have liked your videos.

Or even set comments settings (hide inappropriate comments) and video categories – like Howto & Style.

You don’t have to repeat such settings per upload, just set the defaults, and your work becomes easier.

5. Get Trending YouTube Video Ideas

For your YouTube channel to grow, you’ll have to share content that your audience actually loves.

But the question is, how do you know which content ideas to select?

Well, that shouldn’t be a problem; you can find insightful ideas through any of the following three ways:

YouTube Search Autocomplete

Just key in a keyword on YouTube search, and you’ll get suggested ideas that people are searching on the platform.

For instance, after searching for “how to create,” I can opt to create videos on how to create a YouTube channel, create a website, create a PayPal account or create a Gmail account.

However, only select the most appropriate searches or ideas for your audience.

Google Search Autocomplete

Google Search autocomplete functions the same way as YouTube search.

So, just find a keyword that you’d love to share content on, and get ideas from the suggestions.

So, going forward, you should never have limited content ideas for your videos. Not unless you have any questions.

Ideas from Ubersuggest Extension

You can as well install an extension called Ubersuggest that allows you to see the keywords searched, monthly search volumes, average CPC (cost per click), and estimated competition.

Try and find keywords that have less competition and higher CPC and create amazing videos on them.

Bonus: Learn Video Editing

For your channel to be successful, you have to learn video editing. Although you can as well hire a professional to edit your YouTube videos for you.

Either way, editing is an interesting part that would be valuable to learn.

Unique editing tricks can boost your viewers’ engagement, and encourage them to watch more of your videos. And eventually, subscribe to your YouTube channel.


Congratulations! You have learned how to create a successful YouTube channel from scratch. And most importantly, understood how to name it, and find content ideas that your audience would love.

Remember, as a new YouTuber, don’t look back or overconcentrate on numbers.

Focus on creating an audience, and eventually, numbers will come automatically.

Also, you can get trending video content ideas from:

  • YouTube search autocomplete
  • Google search autocomplete
  • Ubersuggest Chrome extension
  • and other people’s channels

Check out our YouTube channel (Edifid Digital) for more tutorials on channel creation and marketing.

Or Contact Us if you want my team and me to do the marketing for you.

So, are you ready to create a YouTube channel today?